Submission Guidelines

Authors must carefully read the policies and guidelines of the journal before submission and prepare their manuscripts according to the guidelines described in this page. 

All manuscripts must be individually submitted through the online submission system. Manuscripts sent via e-mail or sent in bulk are not taken into consideration.

Manuscripts must be written in English using clear and concise narration. We encourage all non-native authors to have their manuscripts reviewed by expert language editors. If the submission has several linguistic errors that make it difficult to read, authors will be asked to re-edit their manuscripts. British or American spelling may be used provided that it is consistent throughout the text. Any non-standard abbreviation should be clearly defined at first mention. 

The following files are required for all submissions:

  1. Title page: This page includes the names, affiliations, email addresses, and OrcIDs of all authors. 
  2. Blinded text: This file constitutes the main body of the manuscript, and it should not contain any information that may identify the authors of this manuscript. The length of the blinded text should be between 4500 and 9500 words.

Authors should use the provided template files (for the title page and the blinded text) in Microsoft Word format and adhere to the guidelines presented within these templates while preparing their submissions.

If revisions are requested in the manuscript for possible publication, authors should send their revised manuscript along with their answers to the comments of editors and reviewers.

Submission of manuscripts, supporting documents, revisions, and galley proofs of accepted manuscripts are all communicated through the online submission system. In all stages, timely response of authors is expected. In some cases, communications sent through the system may be considered as spam by e-mail servers. It is the responsibility of the authors to check their spam folders regularly for possible status updates and other requests.


Journal Submission Link
European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education (e-ISSN: 2301-251X) Submit now
Journal of Digital Educational Technology (e-ISSN: 2752-5503) Submit now
European Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Education (e-ISSN: 2732-4362) Submit now
Contemporary Educational Technology (e-ISSN: 1309-517X) Submit now
Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies (e-ISSN: 1986-3497) Submit now
Contemporary Mathematics and Science Education (e-ISSN: 2634-4076) Submit now
International Journal of Professional Development, Learners and Learning (e-ISSN: 2754-0618)  Submit now
Eurasian Journal of Science and Environmental Education (e-ISSN: 2672-863X) Submit now
Mediterranean Journal of Social & Behavioral Research (e-ISSN 2547-8567) Submit now


If you have additional questions or concerns that are not addressed in this page, please contact


Last updated on 15 February 2022