Archiving Policy

All journals of Bastas Publications are open access. Our license allows everyone to store and distribute the published articles in any medium. We encourage our authors to self-archive their articles in their own web sites, in their institutional web sites, and in public repositories.

Additionally, the archives of our journals are held by the British and Cyprus Libraries. 

Journals archived by the British Library:
Contemporary Educational Technology (e-ISSN: 1309-517X)
European Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Education (e-ISSN: 2732-4362)
International Journal of Professional Development, Learners and Learning (e-ISSN: 2754-0618)
Contemporary Mathematics and Science Education (e-ISSN: 2634-4076)

Journals archived by the Cyprus Library:
Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies (e-ISSN: 1986-3497)
European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education (e-ISSN: 2301-251X)
Mediterranean Journal of Social & Behavioral Research (ISSN: 2547-8559 and e-ISSN: 2547-8567)


Last updated on 15 February 2022