Peer Review Policy

All journals of Bastas Publications follow a double-blind peer review procedure. During this procedure, the reviewer and the author remain anonymous. Authors anonymize main body of the submitted manuscript so that their identities are protected. Authors’ own works need to be blinded in the references and in-text citations.

Manuscript that passes the initial screening of the editorial office will be assigned to section editors, who in turn invite reviewers to evaluate the originality and quality of the manuscript. Peer review is a critical process that ensures that academic work is of the highest possible quality by providing constructive comments to the authors. Peer reviews also assist editors in determining whether the work is acceptable for publishing in the journal. We recommend all our reviewers to follow reviewer guidelines. As a principle, all manuscripts are evaluated by at least two expert reviewers before editors commit their decisions.

It is very important that all editors, reviewers, and authors comply with ethical principles of Bastas Publications to carry out an effective peer assessment process. To this end, if a reviewer has a competing interest based on a financial relationship, an intellectual belief, a personal relationship or a competition, which may influence the professional judgment and bias the objectivity of the evaluation, he/she should immediately notify the editors and decline the invitation. Furthermore, reviewers should never disclose the manuscript’s content, partially or in full, with anyone else. Reviewers must submit their review reports in a clear and timely manner.

It is expected that the first round of double-blind peer-review process will be completed within 3-6 months after submission. However, if further revisions are requested, authors should expect longer processing times.


Last updated on 15 February 2022