Post-decision Procedure

At the end of the editorial peer-review process, editors determine whether to accept or reject the manuscript for publishing in the journal based on their own evaluation and review reports. Final decisions are committed by the editors through the online submission system and communicated with the corresponding author by a formal e-mail. 

Accepted manuscripts: If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the article and supporting documents are handed over to a production editor for further processing and publication. If an article processing fee is due, the corresponding author is contacted to arrange its payment. When proof of payment is confirmed or if a publication fee is not required for the article, production department begins preparing the initial version of the galley proof. Once ready, proof file is sent to the authors for possible corrections. During typesetting, some minor changes may be applied, such as resizing the images in the article, to fit the journal template. The authors may be asked to provide higher resolution versions of the figures. Authors submit their corrections or approve current version of the proof file through the online submission system. If additional corrections are required, a new version of the proof will be prepared and sent to the authors. The article will be scheduled for publication in a journal issue once the proof file has been accepted by both the authors and the production editors. At the time of publishing, volume, issue, article and DOI numbers are entered into the full text of the article and the final version ready for publication is prepared. The authors will receive an acknowledgement e-mail after the article is published online.

Rejected manuscripts: Authors of rejected manuscripts may be suggested alternative journals to submit their work to. This recommendation does not guarantee acceptance in the suggested journal. Authors who disagree with the editorial decision may file a formal objection by e-mailing with details of the case.


Last updated on 17 February 2022